Is my order confirmed?

Is my order confirmed?

You can track the status of your orders by logging into your account on the CaterSpot website. Once an order is confirmed, the status should be displayed as "Accepted". You should also receive an email notification once your order is confirmed by the caterer/restaurant.  
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    • Can I cancel my order?

      Yes, you can cancel your order as long as the order is still within the cancelation period. This can vary depending on the caterer/restaurant.
    • Can we change our order?

      We understand plans change. In the case you need to adjust your order, contact our support team by email. Our catering partners need advance notice to prepare additional menu items, so try to make these changes as soon as possible.
    • I did not receive an order confirmation. Did my order get through?

      On rare occasions there may be a problem with the system so that your confirmation e-mail doesn’t come through. Please also make sure to check your spam folder. Usually, the order has still gone through and it is just a problem with the e-mail ...
    • Reorder your past meals in a click

      To repeat an order, simply:   1. Go to your Account > Order 2. Find the order 3. Click Reorder 4. All the items from your past order will be added to a new cart ready for you to check out
    • What is the refund policy for orders made online?

      If an order is cancelled by the caterer or CaterSpot, we will refund the full order amount back to you, using your same payment method. If an order is cancelled by the customer before the cancellation deadline, we will refund the full order amount as ...

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