How to add or change my address?

How to add or change my address?

Folow these steps to manage your delivery address:

1. Sign in to your CaterSpot account on our website.
2. Visit your profile and click on "My Account" section.
3. In this section, you will find the 'Delivery Address' area, where you can add or remove addresses.

Please note that if you need to make changes to the delivery address for an existing order, you'll need to contact our Customer Care Team for assistance. You can reach our team via Live Chat on our website or by calling us at 6890 6044.

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    • How to Add/Change address

      1. Log in to your account
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      You can change your order before the caterer's final notice period. Please follow these steps to make the changes: 1. Sign in to your account on the CaterSpot website. 2. Access your profile and click on "My Orders." 3. Locate the specific order that ...
    • Can I add special instructions or requests?

      You have the option to include extra instructions and requests for your order, or you can provide them in the "special instruction" field during checkout. Please be aware that any requests will be subjected to the discretion of the caterer/CaterSpot.
    • Can I schedule my orders in advance?

      You can place an order as far in advance as you like, but we do not recommend placing an advanced order beyond 1 month. Menu items and prices may change during that time frame. Any adjustments to pricing should be made before the delivery date.
    • Getting Started

      Browsing Caterers 1. Click on the "Start An Order" or the "Order Online" button on the main page of the CaterSpot website. This will bring up our list of available caterer/restaurants. 2. From the Caterer page, it is recommended that you enter the ...

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