Can I schedule my orders in advance?

Can I schedule my orders in advance?

You can place an order as far in advance as you like, but we do not recommend placing an advanced order beyond 1 month. Menu items and prices may change during that time frame. Any adjustments to pricing should be made before the delivery date.
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    • Can I choose to pick up my order?

      Unfortunately, we do not offer a pickup option. All orders must be delivered.
    • How much is the delivery fee?

      CaterSpot provides two delivery methods based on the type of order. For most bento or drop-off orders, there is a flat fee of $19.90. These orders will be delivered by CaterSpot's dedicated driver pool. However, for orders that require setup, ...
    • Is my order confirmed?

      You can track the status of your orders by logging into your account on the CaterSpot website. Once an order is confirmed, the status should be displayed as "Accepted". You should also receive an email notification once your order is confirmed by the ...
    • What’s the difference between ordering from Caterspot and directly from the caterer?

      The distinction between ordering through CaterSpot and ordering directly from a caterer lies in the extensive range of choices we offer. When you order frequently, you can view all your orders in a single location. Additionally, we provide ...
    • Can we change our order?

      You can change your order before the caterer's final notice period. Please follow these steps to make the changes: 1. Sign in to your account on the CaterSpot website. 2. Access your profile and click on "My Orders." 3. Locate the specific order that ...

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